Thursday, October 1, 2015

Quick and Easy - Fall Cards

I designed 2 more cards for the Crafting Happy Hour in my local wine shop. I had this event 2 days ago. As all ladies were new for stamping, I needed something beautiful and easy for first time stamper. This is what I came out with. This was the first card we stamped:

 Second card had much more stamping, and everybody absolutely loved it:
 Other 2 projects were the ones I shared with you in previous post.
I always ask in my classes what project is your favorite and why. This class was not exception. And the vote went to the wine tag this time. Everybody though it was such a great idea and useful for upcoming holiday season. So I decided to make a dozen for wine shop owner as a Thank You for hosting my Crafting Happy Hour classes.

See the details with dimensional HERE.

Happy Stamping!

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